Now move freely is the umbrella name I use for the different facets of my business. I qualified with a B.Ed in Physical Education in 1991 and have been teaching since then. Also R.S.A Qualified, for the last 20 years I have been taking aerobics, step and conditioning classes. In simple terms, I love fitness and movement!

In 2009 I qualified with a Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching; I now offer a new concept in rehabilitation and injury prevention. Integrated into my fitness classes, as well as approached in individual/ small group sessions, biomechanics coaching I feel is the missing link.

Having spent years enjoying an extremely active life and having two fantastic children, I reached the dilemma of not being able to do what I loved without persistent injury and pain. The hard work and abuse I had given my body, pushing it to the limits and age were starting to have some major consequences. My lack of function and pain was affecting my job, my lifestyle and basically my well being on the whole.

Biomechanics coaching has allowed me to sort out the key elements on the inside so my body can function to the high levels I still demand of it. Knowing it’s worth and the benefits I have gained, it had to be something I did for other people.

In 2012 I also qualified as a Massage Therapist. I was very proud to be given the ‘top student award’ for my course with The Western School of Massage who will provide therapists for the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Massage is a very powerful tool allowing me to work on specific muscles and joints causing issues for clients. In addition to preventing and treating injury, massage also reduces stress and its negative mental and physical effects. A must for everyone with today’s stressful life patterns.

Now, having the capacity to link all the skills it is fabulous to be able to offer a unique well-being and fitness enterprise within Dumfries & Galloway.

Give your body a chance; you too could be moving more freely!